Who are we?


We are those two CRAZY sisters (haven't you heard?)

Writing a bio about yourself is hard, even if you have been writing a novel for the past six years...

The Collins Sisters Inc. is made up of Rayla, and Rachel Collins (along with so many other amazing individuals) - We obviously love Photography & Video as its been our passion since we were ages 7 & 12! This webpage is our projects page, where we post all the fun & sometimes crazy events (like conferences, photo shoots, traveling, etc...) that we do. 

We love wildly, dream big and desire to see this generation move boldly into their callings. Through projects, we create an atmosphere of creativity and confidence. At our root is a hope that we can inspire others to be the best they can be.


Where can you find us?

Well the Rayla Kay Photography Studio is located at 761 N Thornton Post Falls, Id & if we are not there we are typically in Seaside, Oregon or Kauai, Hawaii.